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Recently, in a favorites post, I talked about the new hair ties I had been using. It sounds so boring…how can a hair tie be so important? Well, these ones are. I have curly, coarse, giant hair, and every hair tie I’ve ever used gets broken, or gets that icky hair ball attached to it. You know which one I mean. The kind that looks like it was dredged up from your cat’s intestines and stuck onto the elastic.

Enter the Invisibobble. It’s a little telephone cable (from back when we had landlines, right?) that makes the best hair tie. These little guys are kind of stupid expensive for what they are. Mine were $8 for three. Paying that much for three measly hair ties made me puke in my mouth a little, but I did it.

These three little hair ties are totally worth it, surprisingly. They hold up all of my hair without tension. Problems with breakage? Not anymore? These also never get the hair ball, and after several months of use, I haven’t broken them. I love that they can be used in wet hair too, as well as never leaving a dent in my hair, wet or dry.

But, what do we call a review without cons? A commercial. And this isn’t a commercial. The biggest issue with these is that they do stretch out. Terribly so. I get one use out of them before they are entirely stretched. When they get this stretched out, I have wrap it around three or four times to hold up a ponytail. In good news, zapping these with a hair dryer or dropping them in a cup of hot water causes them to shrink back. It can be annoying to do this every single day. The stretching out does come at a price: these are really unsuitable for vigorous activity. You’ll need something else to wear at the gym.

Hassle aside, these are still worth it to me. I love the way they feel, and I like how they last and last. Personally, I think they’re worth the investment.

What is your don’t want to pay for it but love it beauty item?

Serious, Non-Sponsored Hello Fresh Review

Serious, Non-Sponsored Hello Fresh Review

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