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July in Review

July in Review

This is a really exciting month-in-review post because I’m in a completely different spot. I am happy to say that we are finally getting settled into our house! It’s been such a great month!



This month started out with a lot of goodbyes. We were getting amped up to move, and for Charles to leave his job, so we had a lot of goodbye-ing to do. Dinners, drinks, parties. We were thrown a second wedding shower, which was such a surprise. We truly have the most wonderful friends in Montana. While Charles was still working, I was going crazy with the packing. He would be at work and I’d be boxing up everything we owned under the sun. He’d get home and I’d have a list of things for him to do.

We finished up packing over the second week of July, and then we took a vacation out to Glacier National Park (travel album incoming!) with our friend Tony. Tony wins the award for the best friend ever. He came all the way to Montana to visit us and see one of the most beautiful places in the world, and then drove our moving truck all the way to our new house in Minnesota. Are you kidding me? Get that boy an award.

So that’s what happened next! We closed on our house and drove and drove and drove the eighteen hours to our house. Unloaded the place, and everything was wonderful. I am so excited to get to work decorating and fixing our place!


Game of Thrones

It ended. We had to watch the end. Like I mentioned last month, Charles is still plunking through the seasons one at a time. 9/10

Detective Pikachu

This was one of those that definitely shouldn’t have been as good as it was. The CGI was good, the story was alright. It was very PG, but totally fine. Decent Saturday afternoon movie. 7/10

New Girl

I lovedy love New Girl. The last season finally came onto Netflix, so I watched it at last. It was unfortunately not the best thing that I’ve seen, unfortunately. It ended flat after years of following along with all the shenanigans. 4/10


I didn’t read at all this month. :(

Why was I the worst at it?


So, I’m getting married next week. What the fuuuuck. But really. When we got engaged more than a year ago, it seemed like this was going to be a lifetime away and now it’s this week. I’m feeling a little anxious, mostly because I’m not really sure what I’m forgetting yet. Out of state weddings are no joke to plan. After the wedding, we’re going on a minimoon (of course!). Then we’ll be back and getting ready to ramp up a couple of new jobs and start some renovations on our house!

It’s a busy month and I can’t wait!

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