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Wedding Registry Tips and Tricks

Wedding Registry Tips and Tricks

I had a heck of a time figuring out what to do about our registry. The idea of registries are so strange to me. Here’s a list of things that I want you to buy me! Hope that’s fine!

wedding gifts

1. Start Early

We made our registry as soon as we got engaged. We had several people ho wanted to give us engagement gifts, then I had my wedding shower…it’s best to get it in place and running so that people have a place to go, even if it’s just for small congratulations gifts.

2. What Do You Need

We didn’t use the traditional “registry” checklist. It was more important for us to pick things that we knew we’d like and enjoy, and not what we’re “supposed to want. That said, we also thought a lot about the plans we had for after we got married. Our new house is centrally located between parents for things like Thanksgiving, so we also wanted to register for platters and gravy boats. But also things like sleeping bags and hiking boots too.

3. Choose a Few Stores

We found three or four was the perfect number of stores to register with. More gets a little crazy, but a few is smart. I personally love our Target registry the best. It’s the most user friendly and easy to set up. We also registered at Macy’s and REI.

4. Put the Fiance on the Case.

Charles needed to help with the registry because it’s his house too! We split up the categories…I was picking bedding and dishes, but he was picking tools and camping gear. We split the difference on larger items like furniture, where we made those choices together.

5. Know Your Guests

Register at a lot of price points. We picked a few big-ticket items…a couch, a roomba, things like that…but also a lot of smaller items so that everyone would find something at a good price point. Pro tip — most stores also give you a discount for items not purchased off the registry, so you can always buy them yourself later at a savings.

6. Over-Register

Again with that discocunt! Over register! Also guests like choices, so providing them with some options and not just buying “the last thing on the registry” is great. It also lets guests pick up things for the shower, and the wedding, and the other stuff without having to break the bank or go off-registry.

7. Take Your Time, and Edit Often

Every couple of weeks, I’ll revisit our registry. I’ll add a few things, I’ll check and see what’s been bought, if we want to add anything new…things like that. I’ll also then take the time to get a head start on those thank you notes!

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