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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, Adventurers.

A lot has changed in just a year! Last year, I was off on an exotic adventure to Morocco (here, if you’re interested) and marvelling at how beautiful, crazy, busy 2015 had been. Well, 2016 has got it beat. This year I moved twice (and am not done yet), tried working for a zoo, tried being a teacher, and got a master’s degree. I went to new places and tried new things, and didn’t regret a second of it.

But, no Christmas message is complete without thanking all of you! Thank you so much for coming here, whether it’s your first visit or your fiftieth. It’s been my favorite thing to watch my little community grow from just my one best friend to people from all around the world. Thank you, so sincerely.

I hope that wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you are having a great day.

Because of Blogmas, and moving, I’ll be taking a few days off, and my next post will be on December 30th.

Happy holidays!

P.S. Happy Holidays from Biscuit too.

Goodbye 2016!

Goodbye 2016!

Christmas Eve Stress