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Christmas Eve Stress

Christmas is tomorrow! I’m not sure where December has gone, but good god has it skated by fast. I hope you all enjoyed my Blogmas series, which will be coming to an end tomorrow (sad). Good news is that I will be back just a few days later with more content. A fresh year is always refreshing.

For today, the day before my short hiatus, I wanted to give you a rundown of where I’m at, physically and metaphorically.

I’m moving in two days, on the 26th to Minneapolis. Maybe permanently, probably not, who knows. I’m incredibly nervous and this has caused me an unspeakable level of stress. I’m eating everything I can find (the fact it’s Christmas does not help), losing sleep, losing chunks of hair…it’s been a difficult stretch. Honestly, the hardest part was making the decision that I was going. Once I could say, on the 26th, I will go to Minneapolis, it made the whole thing a lot easier.

So yeah.

I’m going, finally.

The plan is to pack up my entire house today, and then get in my car and just drive all day Monday. Again with the stress. Movin is stressful. Moving on a super strict timeline is more stressful. What makes it worse is that everyone keeps asking how they can help. They mean well, but you know what? There is nothing that they can do.

Sigh. So that’s my rant. My goal for next year is to have a stress-free Christmas, which is something I haven’t had in at least three years now. Here’s lookin’ at you, 2017.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

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