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Packing for Multiple Climates

Packing for Multiple Climates

In my time traveling, there have only been many times when I have visited two climates in one day. Especially in Montana, the wide altitude variations mean you can be in 100 degree weather and see snow at the same time, especially in the fall or winter. We’re lucky in that this trip, the temperature variation isn’t quite so dramatic, but Iceland is forecasted to be 45 degrees today, and tomorrow we’re in Munich where it will be 90 degrees.

Here are my tips for packing light for many climates.

Going Outdoors?

For us, our time in Iceland is going to be spent primarily outdoors. We’re also going on a pony ride, and seeing some glaciers. We’re also planning on walking quite a lot while we’re touring the great cities of Europe. I only want to pack one jacket, so I picked something light, waterproof, and with enough room that I can layer other clothes underneath it.

Embrace the Cardigan

Every shirt or dress that I am bringing can be paired with a black or brown cardigan. I chose to bring mostly sleeveless things, in case it’s hot, but with the expectation that I can add a cardigan when I get cold. I also packed a pair of long underwear and a pair of fleece-lined tights, in case I needed them.

Packing Cubes

I use packing cubes every time I’m going to be gone longer than overnight. It’s nice to be abe to pull out a packing cube and know that everything I need for the day is going to be in there. Things that I know I won’t be wearing until I’m in a warm climate – shorts, sandals – go into a separate packing cube that I can set out of the way in the bottom of my suitcase until I am done doing the cold part of the trip.

Do Some Laundry

About halfway through a long trip, especially if you’re packing light, it’s great to get to do laundry. I lie to get an AirBNB for at least part of the trip, and you can filter to only look at ones that have a washer and dryer available. If that’s not going to happen, there is handwash detergent that you can use in a hotel bathroom sink. If you bring a travel towel, it’s also easy to get clothes mostly dry before you hang them up too.

Multi-Use Items

This one kind of goes without saying, but I try to pack items I can wear on multiple days accessorized differently. I’ll usually only bring one or two pairs of pants – blue jeans and black jeans. Every shirt will go with those. The more interchangeable your pieces, the lighter you can pack while still covering your bases.

Today we’re flying from Reykjavik to Munich, so wish us luck on the flight, and I’ll be back with another post tomorrow!

What is your multi-climate tip?

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