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Travel Plans: Europe 2017

Travel Plans: Europe 2017

As of today, June 8th, I have officially left the country. Charles has never really traveled much as an adult, but I’ve been continuing my quest to make him a globetrotter. Today, we are off on an adventure across several countries. I’m excited because this means lots of travel-themed content this month, and also for the hella-great instagrams that are going to be coming your way shortly. 

Where are we going?


We booked the stopover. I’m looking forward to seeing natural wonders, eating a lot of interesting foods, and meeting some local people. 


We don’t get to spend a lot of time in Munich, but I’m hoping to get to see some of the city and go to the beer hall before we hop our train to the next stop.

Salzburg & Vienna

I’ve wanted to go to Austria for a long time, mostly because of the Sound of Music. I’m hoping to visit the Hofburg and to walk through some public gardens. 


This is what I’m looking forward to the most. We’re going to a Hungarian wedding! I’m also planning on visiting a spa and doing some tours of Jewish Budapest. 

We left most of our plans in each city fairly open-ended, which is what I wanted, so I’m all about the flexibility. Look out this month for lots of travel-content, and follow my Instagram for photos as we’re on the go. 

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