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Quirky Home Décor

Quirky Home Décor

Something that is important to me is making our home feel like home. I love that we have been able to find interesting and unusual items to make our apartment a little more us.

Bobble Jew

For those of you not in the know, I identify as a Jewish person. I was a convert, and my mother purchased me this little guy, who quickly become known as Bobble Jew, shortly after I had let her know this. I love him, and in our generally secular-looking home, it’s a nice little piece of me. He's also a good talking point at Passover.

Wooden Canada

On a recent trip to Toronto, Charles spotted this inside of a backpack store on Queen Street. Laser cut, it’s the perfect reminder of home. I’m a Canadian citizen, but live fulltime in the US (dual citizen), with no plans to return at this time, so it’s nice to have it around. We have some thoughts about putting it into a little shadow box or something similar, but for now, it’s sitting on a shelf in our living room. It’s a nice conversation piece, but still fairly minimalist.

Jank Tables

Of everything we have, I think that these are my favorites. Charles bought the world’s most awful tables on Craigslist. I don’t think he realized how awful they were until they were already in his garage. When we moved into our place together, and the tables needed some serious work. With the help of some IKEA furniture parts (here, and here), Charles went to work sanding and reattaching the table tops (easily the best part). The final result? I love them. They look rustic, but modern. Very hipster, and very unique.


A few months ago, Charles sent me a picture of a sheep lamp and said “Do we need this?” I thought it was a joke. So of course I said yes. And he bought it. I, surprisingly, love it. He has a name, Shorn, and a dedicated place now on one of our jank tables. He’s also my favorite lamp that we own. Good job, Charles.

Fake Taxidermy

This is one thing that I can take full and complete credit for. A few years ago, I saw some stuffed animal taxidermy heads on display for sale. They were stupid expensive…like $80. That seemed dumb expensive, and I knew I could make them cheaper. I have a blog post (here) if you’d like to see my process. They’re a little rough around the edges, but I think they turned out great. They are now a wonderful accent piece in the hallway.

The home is still in progress, but I think it feels like us.

What are your favorite items in your home? Leave them down below!

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