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My Strangest Online (Mistake?) Purchases

My Strangest Online (Mistake?) Purchases

Sometimes I buy stuff online that I didn’t really think through. Cait, are you wasting money? Not really. I have the Amazon credit card, and I get actual cash back at Amazon for using it, so these things were, essentially, totally free. Anyway, the other night I was looking for something for Charles to wear in a couple of gaggy, funny wedding photos, and had the best idea — Grillz.

Caitlin, what the hell.

That’s what your thinking. I know it is.

Welp. They’re here.

Let’s review the one thing I thought I’d never buy — gold grillz for my soon-to-be-husband.

In good news, these actually fit his teeth. They have a molding bar (like my night guard has) that deforms in hot water, and then firms up after it cools down so the grillz will stay in. They also look ridiculous, which I’m counting as a win. That’s what I was going for, right?

In cons, these are heavy, and you can’t eat or drink with them in. Probably strictly for photos or making a rap video.

So yeah. We all know why you’ve read this far…here’s pictures of my wonderful partner wearing these.

They look so funny, and I can’t wait to see his mom’s face when he’s wearing these, if only for a moment before the ceremony.

You can get this pair here. Definitely not an affiliate link.

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