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June in Review

June in Review

Holy shit. June was such an emotional rollercoaster for me and I’m still not quite feeling as well-adjusted as I would like.

Back on June 1st, I quit my job. I’m a teacher, so there isn’t like a two weeks notice or anything. It’s just “hey, I won’t be back in August.” Cue the tears. Leaving this job was super emotional for me, because it was a legitimately good job. Also, I now do not have a day job. That’s not a feeling that I particularly enjoy.

I also spent a full week away from home, desperately trying to buy a house and getting more and more crazed by the day. Wandering around the Holiday Inn muttering “fuck fuck fuck” suddenly became normal. I’ll write more about our home-buying experience at another time, but I’m going to tell you right now that it was literally the worst. Okay, maybe not literally, but you know what I mean. It made me into a crazy person that I did not recognize, far away from my own bed, by myself. Talk about a bad time. Good news? We got the goddamn house. Actually? The house closes next week, but I have my fingers crossed that no other horrific things happen.

Behind the scenes, there was also a lot of really awful blogger-PR-drama happening…it hurts my heart when big brands try to take advantage of content creators and then get upset when they’re called out on it. I feel fortunate that I, at least, can tell when I’m being taken advantage of, and I feel so much for the smaller content creators who don’t have that luxury. Sorry for being vague, but seriously, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. And anyone who offers you “exposure” or a discount in exchange for anything is not your friend, and not giving you a good deal! Stepping off my soap box now.

Okay. Whew. That was a lot.

What did we do this month?



This month I read two books. The first was An Absolutely Remarkable Thing (Hank Green). I wanted to love this book, but it felt a little too on-the-nose. As someone who lives in the internet-fame-graphic-design space, I thought it was a little too much like an inside joke for those of us who are already in the community. If you’e not already very tied in to what being an Internet Person is, this wasn’t an easy read. Might get some flack for this, but they made a huge plot point out of the main character being bisexual (not a spoiler). I felt like it was mentioned all the time. Not just, here’s my girlfriend, but I used to date a dude…but it felt like every chapter had someone mentioning it. It seemed like a lot and very out of place.

The other book was Professor Chandra Follows His Bliss (Rajeev Balasubramanyam). This book falls into the “grumpy old man learning to be happy” genre. It does it well. It’s filled with quirky, kooky characters that leap off the page. It’s not very believable, but it is funny and easy to read. Good beach novel, or for the plane.


This month, Charles and I went to see Rocketman. I like Elton John, and the whole movie felt like an acid trip. I really enjoyed it, but I wouldn’t take it too awfully deep. It was enjoyable, if over the top. It also had some moments of truly bad acting, including Bryce Dallas Howard as Elton John’s mom. Who cast that?

We also went to see Toy Story 4. Again, enjoyable. This one was a movie I felt didn’t need to exist though. It was not necessary to keep the franchise going. I thought Toy Story 3 wrapped it up so well! No need to keep trying for more.

The last movie from this month was Yesterday. I loved this movie. Witty, dry humor, about a guy who is the only person who remembers the Beatles, and becomes a big rock star based on their music that he remembers. I really liked this one. Would watch again.


I have been loving Catastrophe (Amazon Prime). It’s a funny show about a dysfunctional couple who accidentally gets pregnant. It’s very dry humor, but I find it so hilarious and just cackle the whole time. We have also been watching Schitt’s Creek (Netflix) for the same reasons. Both are great when you need a good giggle, especially given my stressful as hell month (see above).


So now it’s July, or it will be tomorrow. We’re doing some 4th of July exploring around the state, but I’m mostly packing up the house for our move because we bought a house!! That’s going to take up the majority of the month, unfortunately. I wish that we were a little more exciting. We’re also getting married in 6 weeks (what the fuuuuck), so I’m sure that will be a busy time as well! I don’t have cold feet or anything but I am NOT feeling like I did a good job planning just at the moment.

Cait, what about the content?? I am so on the ball right now. I have pre-scheduled posts for three times a week until I get back from our mini-moon in the middle of August! So you shouldn’t miss me too much! If you want to keep a better handle on where/what I’m doing, you can hit that Cait signature at the bottom and it will take you over to Instagram where I post on stories pretty much every day!

See you soon!

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