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Walgreens Haul

Walgreens Haul

I headed into the Walgreen for one thing, and left with a few more, as happens sometimes. Here’s what I picked up!

Scunci Bungie Hair Ties

I picked these up, assuming that they were a dupe for the ($$$) Invisibobble that I reviewed here. To be clear, they aren’t. These are much, much cheaper in construction. They snag my hair, and feel like a less premium product. To be fair, they are a less premium product, so this isn’t a terribly unusual thing. I will keep using them, but I won’t be repurchasing. I’ll stick with the brand name thing.


Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Color in 300 Soak at Sunset

I have totally bought into the gimmick of nail polish that’s “good” for you. I picked out this color because it’s such a unique color (for me). It’s a shimmery, glittery, melon orange. It has enough pink in it that I think it will be flattering, but still unique for me.

Kiss Blooming Lashes in Peony

The blooming lashes from Kiss are my favorites because they look the most natural. The multiple layers do look really fantastic on, and I always get compliments when I wear them. These are a kind that I haven’t had before. I’m fairly sure that “Peony” are the most dramatic. Excited to wear them!

Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive

I also grabbed this because I’ve noticed that latex glues seem to irritate my eyes. I don’t have a latex allergy as far as I know, but it seems like something worth trying out.

Tresemme Beauty-Full Volume Mousse

For the first time in my life…I’m having volume problems. The crown of my head has been falling flat. I saw good things about this one on a few different blogs, so I picked it up to try it out

I love shopping for odds and ends like this at Walgreens because they always have a sale on. Right now, cosmetics and nail products are Buy 2 Get One Free! Definitely check it out!

Any new products that I should try?

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