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First Time Using Retinol

I've been thinking about getting really jazzed about antiaging. I have read in more than one place that antiaging should start in your 20s and that's definitely me. 

I've started using a retinol treatment. Currently one of the more in-vogue skincare trends, retinol helps cell turnover and is supposed to help with texture, redness, and other skincare concerns. For the past few weeks, I've been testing out the Valentia Naturals Night Revive Retinol Serum.

I was really concerned about how harsh it was going to be. If you get a formula with too much retinol, it can cause redness and sensitivity to sunlight. No thanks. So, with that in mind, I cautiously began adding this to my routine.


I didn't find it too strong at all. If anything, I'd like it to be stronger. The bottle advises only using it every few days because of the sensitivity, but I haven't had any issues using it more. I have noticed that my skin tone has gotten better. It's evened out, and my red or dark areas are pretty much gone. This is especially impressive being a sleep-deprived teacher, my skin is constantly dry, dark, and dull. 

The one thing I'm hoping it will still fix is my skin's texture. It hasn't helped with breakouts, or enlarged pores, in the way that I had hoped. I will keep using it, and I'm hoping that it causes improvements in these areas as well.

All of that said, I love the botanical smell of Valentia, and the fact that it’s made in the US with natural igredients. Coming up soon, a nighttime routine, and you can bet that you’ll see this guy there!

You can find this new item from Valentia on their website, here, or on Amazon, here. They also have a super cute Instagram, or if Facebook is more your speed, check them out there.

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